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The story of Gems

Decorating the ring finger, a symbol of eternal love

The exchange of engagement and Wedding ring symbolize the happiness and the promise of love. Decades ago, during the period of the Roman Empire, the circular shape represented a symbol of never-ending love, thus all couples were given iron rings to be worn. The act of wearing the ring on the left finger, has since then, represented a place of where love dwells – the finger that governs the heart.  It is very important for us that the perfect ring is chosen as two lovers exchange their vows of eternal love.

Entrusting life of happiness contained in a shining gem

It has been a custom for jewelry to been given as gifts in various occasions from wedding anniversaries to birthdays. In Japan, agates or gems are given on the 12th year of marriage, silver jewelry on the 25th year, pearls on the 30th year and finally, gold on the 50th anniversary. In the recent years, it has also become a custom to give an ‘eternity ring’ encrusted with scatters of small diamonds.