World Pearl Clinic

Company name: JPC TRADING LTD.
Address: 225 Francis Way, New Westminster, BC V3L 0G1 Canada
TEL    :778-251-0058

JPC trading Ltd. is the subsidiary company of the Pacific Pearl Corporation with 60 years of experience. We are proud to announce that our Vancouver location is now open since September 2013.

Although there aren't as many places to purchase pearls in Vancouver compared to Japan, you can still buy them at certain locations.
However, there are currently no Vancouver location where you can get your pearl maintenance such as changing a yarn or cleaning post purchase.

As you may be aware, unlike other jewelries, pearl requires delicate maintenance every once in a while. In another words your pearl can retain its beauty for eternity if you can give them a good maintenance post purchase. Our mission is to give you the best knowledge of how to take care of the pearl and allow you to enjoy the beauty of your pearl for eternity.

As pearl is beautiful jewelry beloved by all the women across the globe, we would like to let you have a better understanding of it in our first presentation. We will also provide free maintenance service for your pearl in this presentation session, so please do not hesitate to bring your own pearl.

Why not treat yourself or for your important ones beautiful pearl jewelries?